Lake settlement was founded in 2012. It is situated in the village of Gnojewo, the national road number 22 Between Tczew and Malbork. Our goal is to provide rest and relaxation guests visiting us.
Our village is located in a quiet village, where you can admire the magnificent landscape of Zulawski, surrounded by meadows and fields. Our guests can enjoy superb homely products that will satisfy even the most discriminating palates. Our inn serves among other delicious Polish cuisine dinners and guarantee great fun during special events.


One of the major highlights of our village is a swimming pool with a wonderful sandy beach and pier. Available to our guests is also water equipment rental including pedal boats. The settlement is also a lake horses. We have our own stable, paddock, and areas for riding horses. Provide their own facilities as a guest house for the horses, mares and stallions which you will find a comfortable place to live.


 We organize social events for companies and all types of special events for private individuals. We provide grill hut with thatched roofs, recreational areas and cozy cottages and rooms, providing comfortable accommodation like a hotel or guest house.

Agritourism in the country is not only cheap accommodation, but also additional attractions. In contrast to objects, such as a pension or hotel provide additional attractions, of which more difficult in the city center - a museum of agricultural machinery - old carriage house with restored carriages, - swimming pool, - pedal boats - fishing, - carriage rides - tower - a playground for children.
Trivia, which can include, among others.: A viewpoint on the Malbork Castle and its surroundings. We have a very rare Icelandic horses (race horses bred by miners), this is a very quiet race, with small step, which makes it an ideal horse for beginners, especially for children to ride. You can also benefit from the advice of our instructors horse rides. We offer carriage rides, sleigh rides in the winter, we have a few horses, a small Shetland ponies. Remarkable is also a museum of agricultural technology and the old carriage house with restored carriages (the oldest dates from the eighteenth century).

Enjoy the holiday! We are confident that our range has something for everyone.